What is Real Industry?


Real Industry is a non-profit that educates, inspires, and empowers university students to thrive in the arts and technology industry.  We create hands-on programs where students work with industry mentors to tackle real-world problems. Students are exposed to new career paths, develop new skills, and rapidly expand their professional networks.



Who Do We Work With?

How Can We Make an Impact Together?


  • Help your students understand how to apply their classroom learning to real industry careers.
  • Connect your students with career opportunities and build their professional networks.
  • Empower your students with real-world industry challenges to help them discover their passions.


  • Get an inside look at how products are made in the music, media, and tech industries.
  • Build your professional network and gain career opportunities.
  • Experience personal mentorship from industry experts.
  • Discover career paths through hands-on design challenges.


  • Discover and connect with talent from over 30 universities worldwide.
  • Establish your brand as an industry and market leader with the next generation.
  • Get hands-on product insights from future consumers and influencers.


Recent Highlights



October 4, 2017, October 9, 2017, October 11, 2017, October 21, 2017 | In partnership with BloodPopUSC Thornton Music Industry Program, Manchester Orchestra, 1 Million 4 Anna, and the MTSU Music Business program, Common, and the NYU Steinhardt Music Business Program, Jack Antonoff, The Ally Coalition, and the UMass Lowell Music Business and Recording Technology Programs #pandorachallenge

In 2017, Real Industry and Pandora empowered the next generation of media, music, and business leaders on a US campus tour. Over 1,200 students worked with major artists (Tegan and Sara, Common, Jack Antonoff, Manchester Orchestra, and BloodPop®) to support the artist’s Foundations (The Ally Coalition, Tegan and Sara Foundation, Common Ground Foundation, Make Yourself Foundation, 1 Million 4 Anna, Made of Music) Student’s applied their music and business skills towards real-world awareness and social impact campaigns for mental health, cancer research, helping students and musicians in underserved communities, and LGBTQ equality. Students had exclusive access to Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform and real-world data provided by Pandora and Next Big Sound.

Tufts University Sonos Challenge

September 28, 2017 | In partnership with #Tufts Gordon Institute and #Tufts Computer Science Exchange #sonoschallenge

Organized by Real Industry, Sonos, and hosted by Tufts Gordon Institute and Tufts Computer Science Exchange, the event kicked off on Sept. 28. Tufts University student teams met with industry experts from Sonos to learn more about the design challenge, and then had 10 days to develop a working prototype. Winners were awarded Sonos One speakers, invitations to attend the companies’ Sonos Hack Day at Sonos’ Boston office, and invitations to interview for full-time positions at Sonos.


Design for Audio Technology Challenge

In partnership with #Autodesk.

This flagship partnership between Autodesk and Real Industry gave students the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas, amplify their portfolio and future career skills, and present their designs to audio industry leaders. The challenge was run worldwide across 70 countries with 1,025 headphones, speakers, and earbuds designed!


Pandora Challenge AT Stanford

May 19, 2017  |  In partnership with #Pandora#Warner Bros Records, and the #Tegan and Sara Foundation.

In this music business and marketing workshop, Stanford students used music, data, technology, and marketing to launch an initiative to make fans safer and more comfortable at live music events for members of the LGBTQ community, concluding the event with a pitch for a national social impact marketing campaign.


Berkeley Design Challenge: Audio & Education

In partnership with #Bose#Autodesk, and #UC Berkeley’s Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership.

In our one day challenge, over 90 UC Berkeley students applied design thinking and real industry techniques to design, build, and market an interactive sound and science educational kit using headphones, earbuds, and custom software. Student teams pitched their ideas to experienced Bose and Autodesk leaders for prizes.